Reclaimed and Re-upholstered

Dangerous Liaisons

Another re-cover job for the dental chair couple. This piece of repro furniture was very Dangerous Liasons so I made sure to thoroughly scotchguard it so any dropped profiteroles (or worse) came off nice and easy. The paisley they chose looked properly decadent. I got to try out my double-piping foot, play with a glue-gun, learnt a lot and now affix double piping to anything I can get my hands on. It looks pretty good on furniture. Not so good glued to fingers, plates, floorboards, small boys…



Completely Dental


OK. So these clients had an antique dental chair that needed re-covering. Vinyl? Leather? Something wipe-clean to sponge the blood off? Well, they chose raised polka dots. The customer IS ALWAYS RIGHT. You know what? They WERE right. Properly potty, or should that be dotty? It’s one of the things I like upholstery- how switcheroo-ing a fabric can slap a piece of furniture back into life.