Roxy Music Album Cover Cushions

Charged with a soft seating solution to upstairs’ manly benchiness at Bristol’s brand new cycling cafe hub ROLL FOR THE SOUL I came up with these. For basically no money.

Camera 360 Camera 360

I had to balance form with function. This place is gonna be full of green-oil-ed, dirty-spoked, egg-in-beard, rocket-fuel coffee waving, croissant-crumbling cyclists. So, it was gonna have to be wipe-clean or washable. Plus, as a public space it has to meet certain extra fire reg. requirements. So, sodding leatherette it was.

I have found out that leatherette has lots of admirable qualities- clean cut lines, squeakisexyness, bright colours. It also, unfortunately, resists sloppy stitching and absolutely WILL NOT be zipped by my Jones. So, simple envelope shape, in offcuts. Imagine Jerry Hall draped over them. With a beard. And Lycra shorts. And a sweaty TdF T-shirt. Drinking coffee. Yeah. That’s right.

Roll For The Soul opens on July 1st. I’ll be there, draped over the cushions upstairs. I might even be wearing a beard.