Reclaimed and Re-upholstered

Month: July, 2013


We will be opening the doors to the DREAM FACTORY tomorrow. We’ve had a tidy, put away the child labourers and stashed the cashew nuts. That is to say, we are taking part in central Bristol’s BS1 open day. There will be chairs, and chaises and stools and cushions and gin and biscuits and possibly some dance music. Drop by, say hello and have a nosey in some of Bristol’s most interesting spaces. We’re on the 2nd floor of Bridewell Space. You will know us by the trail of balti mix and music.

Ercol Day Bed Pink & Black

Commission for a client WHO KNEW WHAT SHE WANTED. I LOVE those clients. This Black Beauty (sorry, ‘charcoal’) was finished in pink (whoops, I mean ‘fuschia’) with matching scatters. This was my first ever round cushion. It puts one in mind of a heavenly macaroon, non? Wool mix Amatheon fabric from Warwick was LUSH to work with and comes in a range of popping colours. You will be seeing more of this. Oh yes you will. Whether you like it or not. More round cushions, I think. Yes. A melange of macaroon-inspired cushions.

Camera 360