A Cushion is not just for Christmas

by tickety-boo


Dear Tickety-Boodlers, more cushions have been added to the webshop. I KNOW. I KNOW. The world is full of unloved and neglected cushions and one shouldn’t give a cushion for Christmas, but really. Look at it. Its huge great big soppy eyes and fluffy ears. That adorable wet nose and crinkled tail. It will love you unconditionally and smother you with kisses and licks and weave in and out of your ankles, playfully fighting your socks.

Oh. Wait, I think I just offered to sell you our KITTEN. Well you can’t have him. We love him too much. But you CAN have one of these cushions. They’re all waiting for a new home and have been wormed, chipped and had all their injections.