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Tickety-Boo at Trinity

For all you Bristol peeps, Tickety-Boo will be flashing it’s wares at Trinity Centre this Saturday afternoon. Drink lots of mulled wine and make drunken, whoops, I mean, informed Christmas pressie choices. You won’t believe your mince pies.Xmas Art Market-web (1)

Put A Bird On It

“How can I beautify this bog-standard nursing chair?” I asked myself.

“Put a bird on it!” came the cry.

So I did.


In the shop SOON. Now, fly away, my pretties, fly.

Oh, what a wonderful thing to be, A healthy grown up busy busy bee…

Laydeez & Gennelmen, Tickety-Boo is proud to present for your delight, delectation and bottom comfort:

One Sun & Sky yellow & blue wool mix Ercol Windsor Arm Chair


One Ercol Windsor Armchair in geometric Zoffany


One BONKERS Cintique in raspberry with frankly alarming tribal detailing. I think I was having a funny turn when I put this one together. I was certainly feeling peculiar by the time I’d finished it. But that might just’ve been the fine paste wax.


And for pudding, get your cocktail shaker out- there’s this little B E A U T Y…


They’re all for sale.

I rather suspect the raspberry one will be for sale for quite some time.

“Oh, what a wonderful thing to be,
A healthy grown up busy busy bee;
Whiling away all the passing hours
Pinching all the pollen from the cauliflowers.
I’d like to be a busy little bee,
Being as busy as a bee can be.
Flying around the garden brightest ever seen,
Taking back the honey to the dear old queen.”

Helped A Brother Out


To misquote Shelley-

“My Name is TICKETY-BOO, repairer of things:

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and REPAIR!”

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level overlockings stretch far away.

Yes. I THREADED the overlocker. And I still have ALL TEN FINGERS. Truly, this day will be remembered long after Bristol is reduced to sand.

Back To School

OK. So, we made it through the summer holidays without a murder, or even a call to Childline. *Pats self on back*. We’re back in the workshop. We’ve sharpened our scissors, picked up our pins and dusted down the bag of emergency jelly babies in anticipation of getting some work done which doesn’t involve LEGO, glue-sticks, mud or bicycles.

First up, I’ve been splashing out on  lots of a m a z i n g african print fabrics. Mostly for fashioning bonkers frocks for myself, but some accidentally slipped and landed on this enormous feather cushion. BRAVO! Tickety-Tribal?


Next up, this GORGE Ercol 2-seater. Pimped out in 100% Camira wool weave, with a blue reverse, for your more colourful alter-ego. Fed up with the original back cushions, which totally hide the beautiful back spindles, I went a bit crazy with the electric turkey knife (whoops, there goes another trade secret) and a mahoosive block of foam to create *drumroll, please*, my very own lozenge back cushion. Pretty nifty, non?


And finally, I finished Yael’s chair. Sorry Yael. I know it took AGES- but when the client wants PLUM trim and more buttons, well, I think you’ll agree, it was worth the wait. It has to be said, the original chair was pretty gross, so I think we nailed it. This chair will be on view in Yael’s house this weekend on Bristol’s Green Doors Weekend. Yael has done some amazing hemp and lime insulation and plasterwork. Go and admire it. BUT DON”T BE SITTING ON THE CHAIR. For more about Bristol Green Rooms see http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/



We will be opening the doors to the DREAM FACTORY tomorrow. We’ve had a tidy, put away the child labourers and stashed the cashew nuts. That is to say, we are taking part in central Bristol’s BS1 open day. There will be chairs, and chaises and stools and cushions and gin and biscuits and possibly some dance music. Drop by, say hello and have a nosey in some of Bristol’s most interesting spaces. We’re on the 2nd floor of Bridewell Space. You will know us by the trail of balti mix and music.

Ercol Day Bed Pink & Black

Commission for a client WHO KNEW WHAT SHE WANTED. I LOVE those clients. This Black Beauty (sorry, ‘charcoal’) was finished in pink (whoops, I mean ‘fuschia’) with matching scatters. This was my first ever round cushion. It puts one in mind of a heavenly macaroon, non? Wool mix Amatheon fabric from Warwick was LUSH to work with and comes in a range of popping colours. You will be seeing more of this. Oh yes you will. Whether you like it or not. More round cushions, I think. Yes. A melange of macaroon-inspired cushions.

Camera 360

Roxy Music Album Cover Cushions

Charged with a soft seating solution to upstairs’ manly benchiness at Bristol’s brand new cycling cafe hub ROLL FOR THE SOUL I came up with these. For basically no money.

Camera 360 Camera 360

I had to balance form with function. This place is gonna be full of green-oil-ed, dirty-spoked, egg-in-beard, rocket-fuel coffee waving, croissant-crumbling cyclists. So, it was gonna have to be wipe-clean or washable. Plus, as a public space it has to meet certain extra fire reg. requirements. So, sodding leatherette it was.

I have found out that leatherette has lots of admirable qualities- clean cut lines, squeakisexyness, bright colours. It also, unfortunately, resists sloppy stitching and absolutely WILL NOT be zipped by my Jones. So, simple envelope shape, in offcuts. Imagine Jerry Hall draped over them. With a beard. And Lycra shorts. And a sweaty TdF T-shirt. Drinking coffee. Yeah. That’s right.

Roll For The Soul opens on July 1st. I’ll be there, draped over the cushions upstairs. I might even be wearing a beard.

Ercol Daybed Dreaming

OK. So I finally got my paws on one. Yes. I did. I love it, even though the old foam smells of old ladies. I love it, even though it’s covered in 100% flammable porridgey ‘wool’. I love it, even though the webbing is sagging. I love it, even though I’m gonna have to sell it.

Reader, I WILL re-upholster it.

Suggestions, please. What would YOU like to see on this absoflippinglutely lovely piece of British design history?


Ercol Armchair. YEAH!

Hello. I am a design classic, looking for a home. Look at me, all alone, left on the street with the chewing gum and art. I have lovely blonde wood and have been primped  with a new seat pad plus two scatter cushions in grey flecked Camira fabric with yellow piping to show off my lines. I am very well behaved and nicely slung and I promise not to make a mess or feed the dog. Thank you for your attention.




Club Tropicana Stool

It somehow puts me in mind of Miami Vice. A delirious hot pink sky setting over the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean. But without the floating bodies of drug-dealers or global-warming-speeding speedboats. I might do more of these. They make me think fondly of the boys from Wham!


Sanderson One Two Three

Client bought the MOST BEAUTIFUL fabric from Sanderson. I spent about a week wrestling with antediluvian Parker Knoll webbing tape, grommets, etc. There was blood. Really. I nailed my finger to the underside of one of them (don’t worry- the chair was FINE). The red came out SPIFFING but the green fought me all the way. But I WON. Just sayin’.

Camera 360

Ercol Windsor 2 Seater



It’s a BEAUTY.

Rare upright Ercol settle-sofa. Spiffing grey weave with yellow colour-pop piping and tufted scatter cushions. All new fillings. Proper webbing. VERY Tickety-Boo.

More pictures to follow. In the SHOP soon. Contact me if you want to bags it.

No school like the Old School

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

I have a Parker Knoll to fix up with some esoteric webbing and grommets and tension spring in it. Drawing I blank, I had a rummage in this inherited box of goodies from a PROPER OLD-FASHIONED SEWER. It has grommets and punchers and eyelets and string and springs and waxed linen thread and unidentified tools/ instruments, perished rubber, chalk, litmus paper, a magnet, razor blade, a gabillion buttons and some pretty flammable looking old plastic ribbon. All in cake/tobacco tins. And some pre-decimal coins, so I’m already up, cash-wise, on the day.


Bridewell Beauty




Camera 360

It seems as if the new workspace is conducive to beauty, if I don’t say so myself. See how a frankly disgusting brown ratty chair is transformed, ta-daa *waves wand*, into a nimble-ankled, Zoffany-covered, rinky-dinky-pinky poppet. Yeah, I KNOW!

Zazu’s North Street Treat

Tiny Dansette

Proper dansette legs, totally atomic canvas print topcover and colour-popping yellow buttons. Put your feet up as you figure out how to do some chemistry- be it nuclear fission, or home-brew.




I have practically lacquered this in Scotchguard, so it should be fair game at a cocktail party (no red wine).

Restoration Pop-Up Shop Bristol


I’ve got a few pieces and LOTS of CUSHIONS in this one-week pop-up opposite College Green.

So, back to the salt-mines to get some stuff ready. No more cushions, I promise.

Buffing my business cards. You know you want one.

Get Mommy a Cocktail!





I am not convinced that anything other than a terrifying gas bill will make me part with this. Check the shop next month when Scottish & Southern have delivered their winter hate-mail.

Cushion Mountain


I told you I’ve been busy. No boy + diet coke + shelves of fabric + avoiding looming self-assessment deadline= MORE CUSHIONS. Perk up your bottom without doing any exercise at all. Check out the shop for more winning combinations. You know you want to. Just have a little browse instead of doing your work/ your self-assessment.