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Dear Tickety-Boodlers, our move to new, more, umm, bijou, premises, has focussed the mind vis a vis our stock levels. That is to say, I have to sell some of this stuff in order to make room for Henry the Hoover. We have a bedroom chair in pinkety-pink, and a a blanket box in matching. Both very fun, both taking up too much room. There’s the low birdhouse nursery/nursing chair which needs a home. If you think you can give these lovelies a home, please get in touch. We will have to interview you to make sure you are up to scratch, but short of being a pyromaniac, I think it’s probably a done deal. ┬áIf there’s ‘owt else in the webshop which tickles your whiffle, I am in a financially-vulnerable, not to say space-vulnerable, position at the moment- so you can make me an offer and I might well BITE YOUR HAND OFF.

On behalf of Henry, and his soppy eyes and moderately rude nose, thank you for reading.

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Tickety-Boo at Trinity

For all you Bristol peeps, Tickety-Boo will be flashing it’s wares at Trinity Centre this Saturday afternoon. Drink lots of mulled wine and make drunken, whoops, I mean, informed Christmas pressie choices. You won’t believe your mince pies.Xmas Art Market-web (1)