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Some Like It Hot

Hokay. So, I did some small, well, tiny, pieces of upholstery for a frikkin S U P E R Y A C H T. I know. Right? Those clever courtyard neighbours of mine, Bridges & Talbot, were commissioned to trick out a few retro-inspired pieces of seriously upmarket cabinetry for the really rather beautiful vintage yacht Malahne.

This is the yacht:


Really, if I could, I would.

This is the stool:

B&T18 B&T19 B&T20 (1)

Perfect for stashing your cocktail mixer, non?

It all rather put me in mind of Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe making out on the yacht in Some Like it Hot. One of my favourite films. Ever. Same period, same style. Different upholsterer. Tickety-Boo. Good enough for some super-yacht oligarch? Yes. Good enough for Marilyn & Tony? I like to think so.

curis & monroe

Cha Cha Chaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

“You play the market?”

“No, the ukelele”.

Club Tropicana Stool

It somehow puts me in mind of Miami Vice. A delirious hot pink sky setting over the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean. But without the floating bodies of drug-dealers or global-warming-speeding speedboats. I might do more of these. They make me think fondly of the boys from Wham!


Tiny Dansette

Proper dansette legs, totally atomic canvas print topcover and colour-popping yellow buttons. Put your feet up as you figure out how to do some chemistry- be it nuclear fission, or home-brew.




I have practically lacquered this in Scotchguard, so it should be fair game at a cocktail party (no red wine).