Reclaimed and Re-upholstered

Month: January, 2015

Tea For Two in Blue & Grey

Yup. I got me ANOTHER of these bad boys. Your classic Ercol  two-seater, tricked out in Camira Craggan 100% wool. One side in grey, t’other in blue so you can ‘express your individuality’, just like Nicolas Cage in ‘Wild At Heart’. Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket, ahem, sofa, represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom? Well IT DOES. Was that Cage’s own hair? I’m completely obsessed with Nicolas Cage’s hairpieces. Oh. I think I’m gettin’ a little off message here.

*Pulls self together*

For sale now on the ole Tickety-Boo website and through those mercenary clustercusses at Ebay.

Ercol 2 seater sofa in Blue & Grey Wool

Ercol 2 seater sofa in Blue & Grey Wool


The Eagle Has Landed

Hello hello hello. We have a new addition to the workshop. She’s big, she’s bonnie and she’ll TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF if you don’t play nicely.

Bienvenue, salve and wilkommen to (drum roll, please) the Durkopp Adler.


She goes at a million miles an hour and has a shiny reverse knob. Really, who could ask for anything more?